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WATCH Raddon Hill Morris Weekend of Dance, Devon in 2012


In Oxford in 2009
DANCING At Downton Cuckoo Fair in 2008
  2014 Mummers Play

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2018 2017
Sunday 18th February - Annual day of cakes, soup and beer with some dancing Sunday 19thFebruary - Dance Workshop, Coomb Bissett
Sunday 22nd April - St George's Day celebrations, Salisbury Sunday 23rd April - St Georges Day, Salisbury
Tuesday 1st May - Dance Up the Sun, Old Sarum Saturday 29th April, Cuckoo Fair, Downton
Saturday 4th May - Cuckoo Fair, Downton Monday 1st May - Old Sarum Sunrise
Thursday 10th May - Rose & Crown, Tilshead with Devizes Jubilee Morris Friday 5th May - Black Horse, West Tytherley with Winchester Morris Men
Saturday 12th May - Amesbury May Fayre W/E13th/14th May - 35th Anniversary Cotswold Tour
Friday 18th May - Horse and Groom, Woodgreen Saturday 20th May - Winchester May Fest
Saturday 19th May - Winchester 'May Fest' Thursday 25th May - Horse & Groom, Woodgreen with Dearfrith Morris
Thursday 24th May - The Star, East Tytherley with Wickham Morris Sunday 28th May - Chippenham Folk Festival
Sunday 27th May - Chippenham Folk Festival Thursday 1st June - Graham Birthday, The Horseshoe, Ebbesbourne Wake
Thursday 31st May - Black Horse, West Tytherley with King John's Morris Men Sunday 4th June - Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth
Sunday 3rd June - Wessex Folk Festival, Weymouth Thursday 8th June - Swan Inn, Enford
Thursday 7th June - Bridge Inn, Upper Woodford Sunday 11th June - Wimbourne Minster Folk Festival
Sunday 10th June - Wimborne Minster Folk Festival Friday 16th June - Queens Head, Broadchalk
Thursday 14th June - Royal Oak, Swallowcliffe with White Horse Morris Friday 23rd June - Hook & Glove, Farley
Thursday 21st June - King's Head, Redlynch with Dearfrith Morris Saturday 24th June - Folk on the Quay, Poole
Saturday 23rd June - Bishopstone 'Bish - Bash' Thursday 29th June - The Cuckoo, Hamptworth with Bourne River Morris Men
Friday 29th June - The Cuckoo, Hamptworth with New Forest Medlars Thursday 6th July - Radnor Arms, Nunton
Saturday 30th June - Folk on the Quay, Poole Saturday 15th July -  Bourne River Morris Men - 50th Anniversary weekend
Thursday 5th July - George Inn, Kingston Deverill with Holt Morris Tuesday 18th July - The Drovers, Gussage All Saints. Invitation from Hobos
Thursday 12th July - Radnor Arms, Nunton with Anonymous Morris w/e 22nd & 23rd July - Sarum Morris 35th Anniversary Weekend of Dance
Weekend 14th/15th July - Sarum Weekend of Dance with guests:  
Quayside Cloggies, Sweet Rapper,Treacle Eater Clog and Ridgeway Clog more 2017
Wednesday 18th July - Guests of Winchester Morris Men Romsey Tour Thursday 27th July - Horse & Groom, Woodgreen - with King John Morris
Friday 20th July - Hook & Glove, Farley Saturday 30th July - Milton Abbas Street Fair
Friday 27th July - The Horseshoe, Ebbesbourne Wake with Bourne River Morris Thursday 3rd August - Three Magpies, Seend with Holt Morris Men
Friday 3rd August - Mallet Arms, Newton Tony with Garston Gallopers Friday 18th August - White Horse, Quidhampton with New Forest Medlars
Sunday 12th August - Andover Shilling Fair Thursday 24th August - Yew Tree, Odstock with Anonymous Morris
Thursday 16th August - Drovers, Gussage All Saints with Hobos Border Morris Sunday 3rd September - Wight Belles Day of Dance, I.O.W
Thursday 23rd August - Royal Oak, Fritham with Red Stags Morris W/E 9th/10th September - Swanage Folk Festival
Sunday 2nd September - Wight Bells Day of Dance - I.O.W Saturday 16th September - Southampton Day of Dance hosted by King John's Morris Men
Weekend 7th/8th September - Swanage Folk Festival  
Saturday 15th September - Folk Dance Southampton